I worked on setting up a public svn repo at http://jhulst.com/publicsvn/captivate/ today that I plan to use for my work. People are free to use it as they see fit. I’ve updated the source to include the Vibrant source. The kernel builds currently but I haven’t tested it yet. You can also download a tarball of all the source or view the changes at http://jhulst.com/websvn/listing.php?repname=publicsvn

Code needs to be in ~/workspace/captivate_src/kernel and ~/workspace/captivate_src/3d Code sourcery toolchain should be at ~/arm-2009q3

To build kernel

  • ~/workspace/captivate_src/kernel/build_kernel.sh
  • kernel in ~/workspace/captivate_src/kernel/linux-2.6.29/arch/arm/boot

To build 3d

  • cd ~/workspace/captivate_src/3d/eurasiacon/build/linux/smdkc110_android/kbuild
  • make BUILD=release CROSS_COMPILE=arm-none-eabi-
  • modules in ~/workspace/captivate_src/3d/eurasiacon/binary_smdkc110_android_release