Programming Experience

I’ve been developing software since I started writing games in BASIC in elementary school. I’ve worked in the corporate world, developing Enterprise Java solutions using Oracle and Weblogic as well as personal projects coding in C and Python. See my portfolio page to see a few of the projects I’ve been involved in. I also have some of the code from those projects in a git repository

Professional Experience

I worked as a Software Developer Intern at Gordon Food Service in the Supply Chain Management team while I studied at Grand Valley State University. While there, I was involved in multiple projects involving large Oracle Databases and Enterprise Java Development using Weblogic. While working with Java, I was exposed to continuous build systems using Hudson and compilation and deployment using Apache Ant. All development was done using Subversion and Eclipse, with weekly code reviews with senior developers.

After graduating from GVSU, I started working in the Fisheries and Wildlife Department on campus at Michigan State University. I was the only Systems Administrator for a department of approximately 200 people. I was responsible for maintaining our Active Directory and file server as well as maintaining the department web site. In an effort to reduce support time, I instituted a ticket tracking system using RT: Request Tracker running on a Debian Linux server. I also started an IT web site running Drupal for common questions and software/hardware ordering and implemented a web development system using Subversion and a development web server.

After completing my Master’s degree, I worked at GE Aviation in Grand Rapids, MI as a member of the Edison Engineering Development Program. While in the program, I rotated through multiple software engineering positions, working in multiple aspects of aviation engineering.


I am currently the lead architect and partner at MichiganLabs, a development consulting company that specializes in mobile and web.

Formal Education

I graduated from Caledonia High School in 2006 and immediately went on to study Computer Science at Grand Valley State University. After graduating with Honors in 2009, I moved to East Lansing and began working on my Master’s degree at Michigan State University.

I completed my Master’s of Computer Science at Michigan State University in May 2011. While there, I worked in the SENS lab at MSU with Alex Liu as my adviser. My main research work was in the areas of security and networking. The classes I’ve taken vary anywhere from Formal Software Development and Verification to Graph Theory. My Master’s thesis dealt with stress testing large commercial firewalls to find vulnerabilities and enhance possible attacks.

Selected Courses


  • Formal Methods in Software Development
  • Design and Theory of Algorithms
  • Computer and Network Security
  • Data Mining
  • Machine Learning


  • Discrete Structures
  • Computer Architecture
  • System Programming
  • Parallel Algorithms
  • System Security
  • Operating Systems


I’m a self proclaimed Computer Geek with an interest in systems, security, and networking. I am an Open Source advocate and have used different Open Source projects extensively. I’ve been using Linux exclusively on my desktop and servers for over ten years and consider myself to be highly capable in Linux system administration. Recently, I’ve become interested with lower level programming projects and have been working with Arduino’s and other embedded systems.

I’m also highly interested in security. During my undergraduate career, I led a team of other students in a nationwide security contest. Also, my Master’s thesis is on Firewall Analysis and Attacks.

Personal Information

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